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Professional Choreography for Performing Arts

Often, what makes the difference between a good routine, and a great routine, is the choreography. A dancer can be a phenomenal dancer, able to perform beautiful technique and form, but if the choreography isn’t up to par, the performance will fall flat and go unnoticed. The team at Progressive Dance Online is passionate about the performing arts, and is proud to offer choreography services for a variety of artistic ventures. At our core, we are passionate about dance, and are happy to help choreograph any type of dance performance. The team specializes in acrobatic performance and can help bring your acrobatic routine to the next level.

Our team is also able to help in other performing arts, outside of dance. While we are passionate about acrobatics, we also have the ability to help choreograph gymnastic routines. Our performing arts educator is certified in both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics choreography, and can help bring a polished and elegant quality to any routine. Working together with your gymnastics coach, our performing arts educator is happy to learn about your needs and wants in your routine. We will assess your skill level and include dance and acrobatic elements that will help take your gymnastics routine to the next level. Stand out from the competition with elegant, polished, and finished routines each and every time. Having the artistic quality, including sound dance techniques, will help set you apart from the competition.

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