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Hire a Professional and Dedicated Dance Instructor


Dance is an artform that is developed and perfected over time. It takes time, dedication, and plenty of practice in order to have the polished and stylized form and emotion. Aside from putting in hard work to improve your art, having a quality dance instructor will work wonders to improve your form, technique, and flexibility. The team at Progressive Dance Online is happy to offer a dance instructor for your individual, and specific needs. Our lead instructor has years of experience both dancing herself and studying the art form. While our head dance instructor, Tiffany Ratz, specializes in acrobatic dance, she can help train and improve your methodology and form in a variety of dance disciplines. Further, she is also accredited in both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, and can help develop and polish your routine. No matter your artistic passion, the team at Progressive Dance Online is able to help.


Part of being able to accomplish your goals is having a solid, reliable, and knowledgeable dance instructor. You need someone to help guide you and teach you the correct form, positions, and skills necessary to become a successful dancer. All levels of dancers require the absolute best dance instructors possible. If you are a beginner, hiring the best dance instructors will help you develop good habits and form. If you are an intermediate dancer, the best dance instructors will be able to examine your form and tweak small elements to be able to advance your progress. Lastly, if you are an experienced and professional dancer, dance instructors can help you refine your form and help with choreography. No matter your level or ability, the team at Progressive Dance Online has your answer. We are proud to work with a range of students, of all ages and ability levels, to pair them with a dance instructor that will help to elevate their art to the next level.


Sometimes though, finding the best dance instructor can be difficult. There may be an instructor that can help refine your art, but they are in a different city, or even another country. This can make traditional lessons and instruction nearly impossible, and prohibitive due to extensive travel. Luckily, the team at Progressive Dance Online is happy to offer online dance lessons to help take travel and distance out of the equation. By working with our instructors online, you will be able to perfect your artform, right in your own home. Not only will you be able to have access to a library of videos, helpful for developing your skill, but you can have the opportunity to schedule private, 1 on 1 online dance lessons with a professional instructor. Work together to learn new skills, create challenging choreography, or refine your perfected form. Whatever your needs, our online dance lessons are able to help. Reach out to a professional today to learn more about the services we offer, and how we can help you reach your dancing and performing goals.

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