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Enjoy Private 1 on 1 Dance Lessons


For most people, dance is learned through a class environment. There are several people packed into a dance studio performing various exercises and routines. While this is certainly the traditional way to learn dance, a way that can build comradery and socialization, it unfortunately doesn’t create the best learning environment. Poor technique and mistakes often go overlooked which can very quickly lead to poor habits. Once poor habits start, they can be difficult to break. Turn to the professionals at Progressive Online Dance to participate in 1 on 1 dance classes. Simply sign up for one of our two class options. Select a shorter 45 minute class, or select our longer one hour class. Our 1 on 1 dance classes will put you in touch with a trained, professional, and passionate dance instructor.


From the comfort of your own home enjoy private 1 on 1 dance lessons. We have the ability to completely cater the dance lessons to what your goals and interests are. Because our classes are 1 on 1 dance lessons, we will meet every one of your needs and requests. This means that if you are a beginner, we are more than happy to work through fundamentals. If you are an intermediate dancer, our 1 on 1 dance lessons will focus on expanding your ability, skills, form and technique. If you are an advanced dancer, our 1 on 1 dance lessons are the perfect way to further refine your skills and form, creating the absolute best possible dancer possible.

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